mr. L. (Loesine) Kret

'Good communication with my clients is the key to success'

I am used to solving legal issues pragmatically and creatively, always putting the interests of my cli-ents first. For this, good communication with the client is essential. As the daughter of immigrants, I know better than anyone how important good communication is. It is important to say what you mean in clear, simple language. It is also important for me to give a sense of empathy to my clients who are facing legal problems. I am therefore someone who tries to give my clients as much clarity as possible and make sure that no questions are left unanswered. Clear and committed, that is my mot-to.

Loesine completed her bachelor's degree at Hanze University in Groningen and is currently doing her master's degree specialising in private law. In addition to her studies, she gained work experience with a large legal expenses insurer and a personal injury law firm.

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Publications of Loesine

Publications of Loesine Kret