Tenancy Law


The field of tenancy law is constantly changing. Tenancy law is therefore not always simple and clear-cut. Our experts are specialised in all matters regarding Dutch Tenancy Law. Our experts have considerable experience representing landlords as well as tenants. We have been the legal advisor for many housing corporations and professional landlords for years. Do you need advice on the legal implications of a possible renovation or are you dealing with rent arrears, nuisance or defects concerning the rented property? Our experts can answer your questions and know all the possibilities and pitfalls of tenancy law.                                 

We can help you from an early stage, for instance by drafting a rental agreement, ensuring that you do not ask your tenant to sign a contract that is against the law and which you will ultimately be unable to enforce. The termination of a rental agreement is also subject to all sorts of rules. If you ask us to advise you during the termination process, you won’t run any risk of being stuck with your tenant for an unlimited period of time.

In addition to our knowledge of tenancy law (residential and commercial space), we also have specialists in the field of (spatial) administrative law.

Commercial and business premises

- Defects and maintenance issues;

- Substitution procedures;

- Disputes regarding the rental price;

- Bankruptcy;

- Rental and funding of healthcare real estate and institutions;

- Subletting;

- Advise and litigation in matters regarding termination, nuisance and/or eviction;


- Drafting, checking and analysing rental agreements including leases;

- Co-rent;

- Subletting;

- Advise and litigation in matters regarding termination of the rental agreement, nuisance and/or eviction;

- Protection against eviction;

- Rent adjustments;

- Apartment rights

Lectures and courses

In order to provide our clients with the knowledge on how to prevent legal disputes, we regularly provide lectures and courses on tenancy law for residential and commercial spaces.

Your first point of contact:

Arianne Klok

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, so I know what ‘putting in hard work’ means and I understand the importance of quality. I have a realistic approach, and I am proactive. I always start with what is most important, to quickly get to the heart of the matter. Secondly, I look at what is possible, often resulting in a solution the client wasn’t aware of or hadn’t thought of. I take satisfaction in helping people when they get stuck, quickly discovering the legal rules, looking at the bigger picture, and pressing emotions to the background.

Arianne Klok's commercial practice focuses on the fields of real estate and corporate law. Her clients are starting and established entrepreneurs, healthcare institutions, real estate owners, landlords and tenants of residential and/or commercial space. She is involved in counselling and litigating, setting up or terminating various contracts, such as commercial collaborations, collaborations on the subject of separation of housing and care, or administrative tendering in the social domain. Arianne shares her thoughts with clients on an operational and management level, oversees processes, and strives for efficiency benefits.

Arianne Klok BBA (Bachelor Business Administration) has been working as a lawyer since 2008. In addition to Business Administration, she also studied Dutch Law at the University of Groningen, with a specialisation in Private Law and Business Law. Arianne has experience as a company lawyer at NDC-VBK publishers and was closely involved in the ISO certification of her previous law firm.