mr. A. (Aileen) Bakker

“Working as a team leads to better results”

Yspeert’s application of a collaborative approach to its provision of legal services is what allows me to excel at what I do. I am very involved, always willing to make an extra effort and am convinced that working together always achieves the best results for my clients.

I know from my experience in the business sector that it is not only important to have sufficient legal knowledge, but also to be able to think pragmatically in order to find the best solution for a particular problem.

In my spare time I like to be involved in the local theater. I particularly enjoy the collaborative element of the theater, whereby I am able to work together with different kinds of people in a joint effort to make a particular production the best that it can be.

Aileen studied Dutch Law at the University of Groningen, thereby specializing in private law. Aileen has already gained extensive experience in the field of liability law, a field of law where politics and the media play a prominent role. Aileen has been working for Yspeert since 2020.

Publications of Aileen

Publications of Aileen Bakker