mr. M.J.W. (Maarten) Hemmes

"As a chess player, I always like to think ahead"

People describe me as a beta lawyer, which seems applicable to me. I am analytical, I like to structure legal problems and then solve the ‘puzzles’. I like to think ahead. Just like I do as a chess player on a national level.

In legal practice, this translates into formal relationships and circumstances. Unlike in mathematics, the exact solution is not always considered the best solution. Sometimes you’ll achieve more by compromising on both sides so that the formal relationship between the two parties is maintained.

Maarten Hemmes studied Dutch Law at the University of Groningen and Procurement Law at VU Amsterdam. He graduated cum laude with a master's degree in Private Law and Business Law. During his student days he provided legal assistance to tenants at the Chamber Residential Consultancy. He was also an active member of the Student Association for Business & Law. Maarten made (study) trips to India, China, Morocco and Hong Kong. In his spare time he plays chess at Chess Club Sissa in Groningen.

Publications of Maarten

Publications of Maarten Hemmes