mr. V.S.A.W. (Veronique) Wegter

'My preference goes to complex cases’

By nature I prefer the (apparently) complex matters. My involvement and my solution-oriented approach come in handy in private and family law.

Veronique Wegter has been a renowned family lawyer, inheritance lawyer and divorce mediator for over 13 years. Until May 1, 2021, she was associated with another large law firm in the north of the country. Her drive to help her clients separate from their partners through consultation, mediation and collaborative divorce in the best possible way has prevented many proceedings and conflicted divorce. If necessary, she does not shy away from going to court. She has extensive litigation experience in family law and inheritance law.

Thanks to many years of experience and legal expertise, Veronique is the perfect choice when it comes to a complex inheritance law issue, divorce or other family law related cases. Veronique Wegter is affiliated with the Association for Family and Inheritance Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS). She is also admitted to the Association of Inheritance Lawyers Netherlands (VEAN).

Publications of Veronique

Publications of Veronique Wegter