Competition Law

When contemplating a merger, acquisition, joint venture or other type of commercial agreement with another business it is essential to consider whether or not such transaction may or may not be considered as unlawful business practice according to applicable antitrust laws and regulations.

Competition law plays an increasing role in many other sectors in the Netherlands. The Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets as well as the European Commission are increasingly acting to regulate and enforce completion laws in the Netherlands and abroad. This may in certain circumstances lead to substantial fines, damage claims and reputation damage for individual companies.

Our legal experts can help you with for instance:

  • Drawing up and/or assessing partnership/cooperation agreements;
  • Drawing up and/or reviewing distribution and franchise agreements;
  • Reviewing acquisition contracts and shareholder agreements;
  • Supervision of mergers, acquisitions and the establishment of joint ventures as well as reporting to the Authority for Consumers and Markets;
  • Investigating abuse of dominance;
  • Implementation of codes of conduct and compliance programmes;
  • Advice and assistance in matters of competition law before civil courts, such as for example the admissibility of a non-competition clause;

Your first point of contact:

Ruth Pruim

Ruth Pruim - lawyer since 2002 - is a director of Yspeert. Ruth is a member of the Investment Committee of the Groningen Investment Fund. She is also vice-chair of the Commercial Club Groningen and a member of VNO-NCW. She previously held various supervisory positions, including member of the Supervisory Board of Zorggroep Groningen. Ruth completed the specialisation course in corporate law and the procurement law course at the Institute for Construction Law (IBR). Ruth is a partner at Yspeert.