D. (Denise) de Jong

"You can't make it without diligent preparation"

A large part of my family are entrepreneurs. From an early age I learned and saw how entrepreneurs think and what is important to them. Perseverance and integrity are important to me. I am someone who listens and asks questions to get to the core of the dispute before jumping in. I believe you cannot do the job correctly without diligent preparation. I get energy from working together and solving complex cases. I assist municipalities and entrepreneurs. My attraction to these target groups is the reason why I mainly focus on administrative law. Denise received her Bachelor's degree in law from Hanze University of applied sciences Groningen, where she completed the honours programme and won the award for "best thesis". She is also a board member of the Ondernemersvereniging Bestratingen Nederland (OBN).

Publications of Denise

Publications of Denise de Jong