mr. ing. J.G.H. (Jan-Gerrit) Meijerink

"I like helping you get through hard-to-solve issues"

Good advice can prevent many problems, which makes prevention a better approach than preserving. However, a conflict can sometimes arise, despite all good intentions. At that moment I would like to take the reins to find a good solution. This solution must be legally thorough, but above all practical, so that you can continue without extensive actions. This sometimes requires a creative approach, which I like.

Jan-Gerrit Meijerink - lawyer since 2010 - first completed the Business Informatics and Industrial Engineering and Management study programme and worked in the IT industry for several years. He has been working in the legal profession for quite some time now, where he focuses mainly on financial law and contract law (B2B). He is a member of the Association for Financial Law and the Association for Civil Law. He is also a member of the business organisations JNO (VNO-NCW) and Frisian Affairs. In his spare time, he likes mountain climbing or sailing.

Publications of Jan-Gerrit

Publications of Jan-Gerrit Meijerink