mr. M. (Merel) Adema

'A multitude of laws and regulations in administrative and environmental law makes the search for a solution a complex but interesting puzzle'

I am specialised in administrative and environmental law. This means that I deal with cases where the state is one of the parties. The state has powers that can have far-reaching effects on the possibilities of companies and individuals. It is important for both the state and a company that this unilateral exercise of powers is done carefully and lawfully and that all interests involved are taken into account. At the beginning of a project, there is often a plan to develop a vacant property or redevelop an exist-ing property. It is precisely the regulations on various issues, which can also vary from site to site, that create a challenging playing field in practice. I like to use this to my advantage in order to find together with my client a future-proof solution to a particular problem.

My passion for constitutional and administrative law stems from the versatility of this area of law. The multitude of laws and regulations makes finding a solution a complex but interesting puzzle. I am happy to help my client to put the pieces of the puzzle in the right place. My legal and administrative background helps me to identify all the factors involved in a problem. I stand for a practical and solu-tion-oriented approach. Thanks to my open attitude, the parties quickly know where they stand. At the same time, I never lose sight of the human side. These are important qualities that I like to use to ensure that the client goes home feeling happy about a particular outcome.

Merel studied law (cum laude) and subsequently obtained a Master's degree in Dutch law at the Uni-versity of Groningen, specialising in constitutional and administrative law. She worked as an appeals lawyer at the Institute for Mining Claims. Prior to that, Merel completed an internship at the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen and a research internship with the municipality of Groningen.

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