mr. M. (Martin) Ueffing

"You have to know the ropes"

I grew up in a professional sales stable, where I still train dressage horses. This equestrian background has shaped me both privately and professionally. You learn to perform under pressure and you get a top sports mentality. You also have to be flexible, separate main and side issues quickly, and then rely on your gut feeling. You need these qualities to appreciate a young horse. Qualities that are also useful as a legal advisor.

The ‘European and International Law’ study programme also fits seamlessly with my background. Most of the horse trade is export. It is essential to know the law well in various countries. My expertise, both in speech and writing, of the German, English and Dutch languages is also very useful.

Martin, who grew up in Germany, studied European and International Law at Maastricht University and subsequently completed his Master's degree in Criminal Law, Criminology and Forensics cum laude. Martin holds a second Master's degree in English private law from Oxford Brooks University in London. He previously worked as a legal advisor at a law firm and a debt collection agency. Martin specialises in equestrian law and corporate law.

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