mr. H.C. (Hillie) Lunter

"I like to set things in motion"

I like to outline clear frameworks and indicate what the client can expect from me. Conversely, I also emphasize what I expect from the client. I am enthusiastic, focused on action and decisive in my work as a lawyer. The energy that I radiate and convey to the client also affects my colleagues. I am a critical team player with a sense of priority.

Hillie Lunter (lawyer since 2005) is regularly appointed as a bankruptcy curator. She holds a post-academic Insolvency Law degree from the University of Groningen and a specialisation course in Corporate and Business Law from Grotius. Hillie Lunter is vice-chair of the Supervisory Board of the Stichting Maatschappij Ondernemen Smallingerland (M.O.S.), member of VNO NCW Noord, where she is chair of the Noordgang Drachten Dokkum Oosterwolde. Hillie is also a member of the Privacy Law Association.

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