mr. E. C. (Ellen) Jager

"Exchange knowledge and provide understandable advice"

During my studies I was able to gain valuable professional experience in teaching. It was with great enthusiasm that I helped pupils and students to better understand a certain subject. Whenever a student would come up to me with a question, I always took the time to answer it, even if it took an additional five minutes. I attached great importance to creative and innovative teaching methods. During my time there, I also gained the necessary people skills. All of these qualities i can apply now in my further legal career.

I love working with colleagues on a complex legal case. I prefer to deal with questions related to bankruptcy law. Many areas of law come together in insolvency law, such as company law, property law and contract law. This makes bankruptcy law a very challenging area of law in which I can use all of my knowledge and interests.

Ellen studied Dutch law at the University of Groningen with a focus on corporate and private law. Her dissertation on "The Limits of Insolvency Clauses" received an eight. She has completed her master studies with cum laude. She also completed the bachelor's program at the Honors College at the University of Groningen, during which she also attended a summer school at the University of Geneva. During her studies, Ellen worked as a tutor and mentor. During her master's degree, Ellen also worked as a working group teacher for Roman law at the University of Groningen.

Publications of Ellen

Publications of Ellen Jager