Office Regulation of Complaints

Article 1 – Scope of application

This complaints procedure applies to each contract agreement between Yspeert Advocaten (hereafter: “Yspeert”) and Client.

Every lawyer of Yspeert ensures for processing of the complaint in accordance with the Office Regulation of Complaints.

Article 2 – Definitions

Complaint in this complaints procedure is understood to each written expression of dissatisfaction of or on behalf of the Client towards the Advocate or the persons working under his responsibility over the conclusion and the execution of an agreement of commission, the quality of the provision of services or the height of the declaration, not being a complaint as referred to in paragraph 4 of the Advocatenwet.

Article 3 – Objectives

This Office Regulation of Complaints has the objective the recording of a procedure to process complaints of Clients within a reasonable term in a constructive manner as well as the improvement of the quality of the provision of services with the aid of treatment and analysis of complaints.

Article 4 – Information upon the start of the provision of services  

This Regulation of Complaints is published on the website of Yspeert. The responsible lawyer points out to the Client before the confirmation of assignment that Yspeert applies an Office Regulation of Complaints, and that this regulation is applicable to the provision of services.

Article 5 – Internal complaints procedure

1. Complaints as referred to in article 1 of this complaints regulation shall first be attempted to be resolved through a consultation with the responsible lawyer

2. If such consultation does not lead to a satisfactory settlement of the complaint, the Client may submit his/her written complaint by e-mail to or by post to

Yspeert Advocaten
t.a.v. de klachtenfunctionaris
Postbus 1182
9701 BD Groningen

In order to be able to process complaints as quickly as possible, the Client is asked to provide Yspeert with the following information:

Name, e-mail address en telephone number;
The case name and/or case file number ;
The name of the lawyer or employee of Yspeert against whom the complaint is directed;
A clear and motivated description of the complaint;
Any attachments that may be important to substantiate the complaint;

3. If a Client approaches the office with a complaint, this complaint is passed on to the most experienced partner of Yspeert Advocaten who is not involved in the case or dispute, who in that case acts as complaints officer. The complaints officer notifies the person who is the subject of the complaint about the filing of the complaint and gives the Client and the person against whom the complaint has been made an opportunity to explain the complaint.

4. The person about whom the complaint is made will try to find a solution together with the Client, with or without the intervention of the complaints officer.

5. The complaints officer handles the complaint within four weeks of receipt of the complaint or informs the Client of the deviation of this period, stating the reasons, and specifying the period within which a decision on the complaint is given.

6. The complaints officer informs the Client and the person about whom the complaint is made in writing of the opinion on the validity of the complaint, whether or not accompanied by recommendations.

7. If the complaint has been handled satisfactorily, the Client, the complaints officer and the person who is the subject of the complaint then the complaint file will be closed.

Article 6 – If parties do not agree

Complaints that after treatment as referred to in article 5 of this Office Regulation of Complaints  have not been resolved, can be submit to the court to obtain a binding decision, provided such complaint relates to the amount of the invoice. The District Court Noord-Nederland has exclusive jurisdiction on this matter.

Insofar as the complaint does not relate to the amount of the invoice but to the actions or omission by one of Yspeert’s lawyers, the Client is able to submit his/her complaint in accordance with Article 46c of the Advocatenwet to the President of the Bar Association. Further information on this matter can be found on the website of the Dutch Bar Association.

Article 7 –Treatment of the complaint free of charge  

The Client is not liable to pay a fee for the costs of handling his/her complaint in accordance with article 5 of this Office Regulation of Complaints.