Real Estate Law

Our Real Estate lawyers advise and litigate on all aspects of property law, such as lease, construction, project development and property transactions.

Our clients include real estate investors, tenants, real estate managers, franchise associations, property developers, construction companies, housing corporations, governments and healthcare institutions. Yspeert also offers special expertise in apartment rights and assists many homeowner associations.

Pooling our expertise

Our lawyers are specialised in all matters relating to real estate. We can advise you on any property-related project and will be able to identify the various legal points of attention for you. Our experts have solid knowledge and experience in the purchase and sale of real estate (portfolios), such as plots, houses, catering and office space as well as business locations.

A legal transaction involves various legal questions and risks, where good advice is crucial. Yspeert can advise you on those essential questions that relate to leasehold constructions and other real estate rights. The same applies to financial and administrative issues that increasingly pay an important role in real estate transactions. Consider, for example, zoning plans and spatial planning. Sometimes there appears to be a public law restriction on the plot, which can have major consequences for a buyer. For this reason, the real estate specialists work closely with Yspeert's administrative law specialists. We use each other’s expertise effectively, which allows us to find a feasible, efficient and cost-effective solution for your organisation.

Our real estate specialists can advise you on the following matters:

  • The purchase and/or sale of real estate;
  • Project development and financing;
  • Property management and operation of property;
  • Apartment rights and homeowner associations;
  • Drafting purchase agreements and cooperation agreements;
  • Establishment and enforcement of securities;
  • Construction contracts;
  • Leases and subletting;
  • Ground lease;
  • Eviction and eviction protection;
  • Building contracts and UAV;
  • Easements;
  • Spatial planning;
  • Permit applications;
  • Objection and appeal against licensing;

Your first point of contact:

Wouter Leerink

I work in a team of very persistent people. I think that teamwork is the most amazing thing. I was captain of my field hockey team for many years. The group process is my priority; working together towards a goal. In every case you must first ensure that the content is correct. Nonetheless, I want to achieve what is best for my client. But I don't just want to solve problems. By building a good relationship with a client, you can also prevent future issues.

Wouter Leerink completed his Master’s degree in Private Law and Corporate Law at the University of Groningen. Since 2010, Wouter has specialised in construction, contract and corporate law at Yspeert. Furthermore, Wouter is an active member of the Junior Chamber Groningen (JCI), the Youth Commercial Club Groningen (JCC), the Commercial Club Groningen (CCG), and the Association for Construction Law Lawyers (Vbr-A).