D (Dennis) Ruitenbeek

"To provide relief, so that my clients can focus on their recovery"

As a victim of personal injury, a lot can come your way. The consequences are usually not limited to medical consequences only, but often implicate all other aspects of daily life as well. In order to get daily life back on track as quickly and as effectively as possible, it is important that a victim is able to focus solely on his or her recovery. As far as I am concerned, that is the most important task a personal injury lawyer has.

As a personal injury lawyer, I try to relieve my clients of as much worries as possible and ensure that they get what they are entitled to. Personal and clear communication as well as a healthy dose of creativity and thoroughness are essential. I therefore use these elements to unburden the victim and to achieve the best result possible.

Dennis studied Dutch Law at the University of Groningen and has since worked for several insurance companies but also two large law firms in the North of the Netherlands. As a result, Dennis has extensive experience in handling personal injury cases, defending cases for both the insurer as well as the victim. He uses this knowledge and experience in

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Publications of Dennis Ruitenbeek