mr. D. (Doreth) Loonstra

"Winning by not going for an attack"

As a lawyer I work in administrative law and construction law practice. This means that I am involved in matters in which a government or a builder is a party. Governments have powers that can intervene extensively in the possibilities of companies and individuals. It is important for both a government and a company that this unilateral exercise of powers is carried out carefully and lawfully, taking into account all interests involved. Administrative law covers a broad spectrum of interfaces in civil and criminal law. Construction law is related to this. Projects often start with a plan to develop a vacant lot or a redevelopment of existing real estate. Regulations on the various topics may differ per location and can also be a challenge in practice.

As a down-to-earth Frisian (province), I stand for a practical and solution-oriented approach. Because of my straight-forward and open attitude, parties quickly know where they stand. I do not lose sight of the fact that this is a human profession, dealing with people. As an athlete, I have learned that winning is important, but going for an attack does not always produce the desired result.

I think it is important to come up with pragmatic solutions to concrete problems. Problems should not be presented with all kinds of legal arguments; they should be tackled quickly, adequately and in a legally correct manner. I’m a real team player. A case is rarely limited to one jurisdiction: through close cooperation with the client and colleagues, we achieve the best result.

Doreth studied Dutch law at the University of Groningen, with a specialisation in Constitutional and Administrative Law. During her studies, she worked at the Department of Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Public Administration at the University of Groningen. Doreth is part of the Government sector team, where she mainly focuses on environmental law, construction law, and general administrative law.

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