Clients about Yspeert

I found the service to be very pleasant. Very pragmatic, flexible, and both legal and commercial expertise in contract negotiations with major customers. In short, a good balance between legal knowledge and the ability to apply this knowledge in a pragmatic and realistic way to the business world.

Wies van’t Slot, managing director at 365werk


In the past, Yspeert has mainly helped us with contract cases, dismissal cases and IT issues (data leaks). I would describe Yspeert's approach as: Personal, accessible; all disciplines in-house. In addition, they regularly organize free legal academies for their clients. That is very practical.

I first came into contact with Yspeert due to a change of employment; The company had already been legally represented by Yspeert. At the time, our person to contact was someone from my network, but meanwhile I know almost everyone at Yspeert (Groningen) so that it has become easy for me to contact the right person immediately.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Yspeert.

Gerard van Lent, managing director Bourguignon Lease and Rental BV


From the beginning of the tendering process up to the execution of the project, Yspeert has provided us with legal assistance throughout the entire permit process in the construction of the Aanpak Ring Zuid. Initially, this involved mapping out the different licensing obligations. This was followed by a permit strategy in collaboration with our design team and our environment team. In doing so, Yspeert assisted us in various procedures regarding these permits, for example with regard to the nature conservation law (bats), the Wob, environmental permits (construction, logging and planning) and special permits from the province and water boards. I experienced the collaboration with Yspeert as goal-oriented, based on extensive, in-depth and reliable analyses. We were able to make well-informed decisions based on intensive and constructive dialogues. The flexibility of Yspeert has contributed to the availability of legal support for the management of Combinatie Herepoort in the short term - if necessary.

Herbert Hegmann, Manager of Combinatie Herepoort

Combinatie Herepoort

The construction sector is complex; especially for service providers. Yspeert helps and has helped us with advice on complex contract forms and the effects thereof within a construction process. Yspeert’s approach is accessible and pragmatic.

The regularly organized academies for clients are also very useful and informative.

We can wholeheartedly recommend Yspeert advocaten.

Arnold Talsma, Head of the Real Estate Office De Zijlen

De Zijlen

Yspeert's lawyers are sharp, knowledgeable, can be reached easily and are aware of (social) developments within the world of housing corporations.

Yspeert is highly recommended.

Bert Moormann, director of Domesta


Within our VTH team, we needed a quality check of our permits in order to update our own services and improve them where possible. One of the specialists at Yspeert has been with us one day a week for a longer period of time and has audited and supplemented our processes regarding the granting of (environmental) permits. The cooperation between our lawyers and Yspeert went very smoothly. For this reason, we temporarily extended the collaboration with the administrative law team of Yspeert when a capacity shortage arose. During that period, Yspeert's services consisted of in-house support for our lawyers on environmental law. This gave us the opportunity to look for a new colleague. As an office, Yspeert is pleasantly flexible in their service.

Jos Harms, team leader Permits and Supervision Municipality of Emmen

Gemeente Emmen

"Persistent, decisive, open, honest and carried out from an integral point of view; that's how we would characterize Yspeert provision of service. Healthcare is a complex legal system with trust and integrity as important values at its core. Yspeert has advised our organization several times to our full satisfaction on various matters. Yspeert has provided our organization with a peace of mind enabling us to focus on providing high-quality care."

Jurjen Duker, Manager Departement for General Medicine Kloosterveen

Gezondheidscentrum Kloosterveen

Heli Holland has been in the aviation industry since 1976 and is active worldwide in the onshore and offshore helicopter industry. Yspeert advised and supported us in regard to several permits and on several labour law issues.

Yspeert is a committed sparring partner and always easily accessible.

René van der Haring, managing director of Heli Holland

Heli Holland

We approach Yspeert for various matters, but the focus is on employment law. However, if there is another issue or if we would like to know more about a particular subject, we can also always contact our contact person at Yspeert.

At Yspeert we have a permanent point of contact. If there is a question outside her field of expertise, she is also our first point of contact to ask who we can contact at Yspeert advocaten. That works well.

In our case our contact person is very clear, quick to answer, and tells it how it (even if we think otherwise), while always having our best interest in mind. I can therefore heartily recommend Yspeert advocaten.

Edwin de Witt, controller at ITBB-bedrijven


Yspeert advocaten is the regular supplier for all legal services for NNZ. Yspeert knows our organization well and understands the (social) NNZ culture, which Yspeert takes into account in its advice. We like to build a long-term partnership with all our suppliers, which also has been the case with Yspeert. I have been working for NNZ for more than 15 years, first as an external HR business partner, now as a HR manager. I have known our contact person at Yspeert from the very beginning and she has been able to handle many different matters for us in the field of employment law: from simple legal advice on the interpretation of a regulation to more complex matters such as a necessary redundancy procedures. As a legal and employment law specialist, we would certainly recommend our contact person at Yspeert to other organizations. We recently organized a workshop together on how we, as an organization, can get our reporting in the personnel files in order even better. We are convinced that Yspeert has more knowledge available, from which we could benefit. For example we are planning to regularly discuss with Yspeert current developments in employment law in the future.

Jan Willem, HR Manager NNZ


Yspeert operates as if it has become part of your business. This is very valuable to us. In addition, it is important that I can discuss urgent matter with my contact person at any time. Even outside office hours. Yspeert acts quickly and contributes to our process and strategy, both solicited and unsolicited. I can wholeheartedly recommend Yspeert.

We operate in a high risk and high paying sector. The last few years have been largely shaped by our (inter) national growth and expansion. In a short time our market share has grown to one of the top 3 companies in the Netherlands.

Of course, legal conflicts cannot be prevented. We work with patents, internal and external customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders. We also have to regulate holdings in other companies and participate in takeovers. After each deal we have to make sure we have everything on paper. SealteQ benefits from the pragmatic advice from Yspeert. Partly due to the proactive provision of services.

I believe that a lawyer should surprise me with his/her insights and market knowledge on a specific topic.

The nice thing about Yspeert is that in addition to a permanent contact person, Yspeert also has specialists in-house for all other areas of law. Entrepreneurs often get tired of the intricacies of legal processes and I hear them say they have to discuss things over and over again with their lawyer. At Yspeert they keep files up to date and complete the files from A to Z. There are no loose ends to be found.

SealteQ BV specializes in the maintenance of bridges, locks, aqueducts and other civil engineering and infrastructure. From seven offices around the country, we work with 200 employees every day to "protect and preserve" this type of property.

Martin van der Leest, CEO of Sealteq Group b.v..


"Yspeert is accessible and its lawyers respond quickly and adequately when you call them. They take all the work off your hands if the situation requires it. They are go-getters that never make you feel overruled. The added value also lies in the emphasis Yspeert’s puts on sharing knowledge with clients. Every year Yspeert organizes workshops for our HR employees in which relevant legal matters are discussed and the possible influence / consequences they may have for Wagenborg. We experience these workshops as very valuable.

Koninklijke Wagenborg is an international transport company with six divisions and 3,500 employees. Employment law comes into play every day in such a large company. P&O manager Bert Buzeman has consistently used the services of Yspeert advocaten for 20 years

Bert Buzeman, HR manager at Koninklijke Wagenborg


Yspeert assisted us in a case concerning the refusal of assisted living. Due to the substantive preparation, expertise on the particular subject matter and pleasant mutual coordination, has made us feel confident and well informed. Also, the understandable tone free of legal jargon that was used to inform us and especially our clients deserves to be mentioned .

WerkPro is situated in the north of the Netherlands and offers working opportunities and guidance to people who are left out of from the labour market. Our guidance is aimed at tackling those obstacles to enable those individuals to take steps towards independent living and working.

Ingrid Bousema, Manager at WerkPro


Woonborg relies on the services of Yspeert for various matters including nuisance, termination of lease contracts in the event of nuisance, unlawful habitation, drawing up and adjusting the general rental conditions.

We also ask Yspeert for legal advice in the event of non-compliance with the tenant’s obligations in general.

At Woonborg, we have experience regarding most matters concerning rental and employment law. If we had to describe Yspeert's provision of services in general, it would be positive. The approach that Yspeert applies to the provision of its services is adequately effective and successful.

I would certainly recommend Yspeert because of its accessible and collaborative way of dealing with complex matters.

Peter Kuiper, housing advisor at Woonborg