mr. S.R. (Sjoerd) de Jong

"After an accident, personal attention is essential"

Being injured can have an enormous impact on your life. How you deal with the accident and the consequences is a personal journey. This also applies to the needs that follow. Legal success with the highest possible compensation is not guaranteed, but by paying attention to the person and asking the right questions, I want to assist and unburden the client as much as possible.

I like clarity in the legal debates I have with the counterparty. Legal tug-of-war is a waste if it isn’t clear where you disagree. Discussions are often conducted on paper, which can easily be avoided by simply picking up the phone. Direct contact allows me to quickly focus on the core of the dispute. This ensures a quick settlement of a case.

Sjoerd studied Dutch law at the University of Groningen, with a specialisation in Private Law. After his studies, Sjoerd worked at an insurance company for three years, where he engaged in insurance law, traffic law, and liability law. He was also responsible for conducting legal proceedings.

Publications of Sjoerd

Publications of Sjoerd de Jong