Private Individuals


Yspeert may be described as a ‘firm of niches’. It consists of a team of specialists, all of whom deal with legal matters of general concern to private individuals. Because of this, they are active at peak level and are intimately aware of what is at stake. We put emphasis on communicating with our clients in a clear and concise manner using plain English, sparing them from unnecessary professional jargon. You can read more about the relevant fields of expertise below.

Liability law

Employment law

Administrative law

Construction & Engineering Law

Legal inheritance

Tenancy Law

Personal Injury

Environmental law

Family law (divorce, custody etc.)

Insurance law

As a private individual you can contact us with all your questions. Our lawyers at Yspeert have just the knowledge you need and can advise you on all related aspects.

Your first point of contact:

Kristien Croezen

I was already very curious at an early age. I kept asking adults about everything, wanted to know exactly why something happened and how things worked. I continued that curiosity in my work. I always want to find out the exact origin of an issue, and then come up with a practical solution. The beauty of justice is that there are always two sides to a story. I want to be honest with the client about the risks associated with their side of the business. Don't promise the moon. A dispute can bother and disturb a client. I therefore think it is important to be open to hearing the client's story and respond to it as quickly as possible.

Kristien studied Dutch law at the University of Groningen (Private Law) and Dutch Law (administrative law and private law) at Hanze University of applied sciences Groningen. Before entering the legal profession, she was a clerk in the civil sector of the court of Groningen. Kristien is particularly active in the areas of tenancy law, employer law, and health law.

She likes sharing her experiences and knowledge by giving lectures and writing blogs