Banking & Finance

The financial market has changed rapidly over recent years. One leading cause is the increasingly far-reaching European influences on our national legislation, but also the financial crisis in 2008. Since then, the regulation of the financial sector has become more and more blurred. At the same time, the interests at stake seem higher than ever before.

Our experts are able to provide you with the latest market trends and financing techniques. Each expert has their own expertise. However, they all share one common objective and that is that they put your interests first. They each rely on a joint approach with short lines to other specialists within our firm. Whether it concerns advice on a financing construction, the creation of a CV or a litigation before court, our experts will work with you to achieve the best result. Our approach is pragmatic and customer oriented.

In the increasingly complex financial world, we need to be constantly aware of the latest developments. Regulations change, new financial products regularly enter the market and new investment opportunities keep emerging. Our experts know that standing still is not an option. They can provide you with the legal knowledge that will enable you to make right choices for your business without running unnecessary risks.

As developments follow each other at such a rapid pace, you may not be able to see the forest through the trees. Our experts are more than happy to guide you through the existing multitude of complex rules, apply them to your situation and discuss the issues that are relevant to your business. With that advice you can move forward, without having to worry about whether things are properly arranged legally.

In the event a dispute cannot be resolved extrajudicially, our experts are able to handle litigation in a wide variety of legal proceedings for corporate as well as individual clients in all Dutch courts. Our litigation business offers a unique combination of tactical litigation skills with substantive industry and regulatory expertise. In this way, we are particularly well suited to deliver effective advocacy in matters involving substantive focus and expert knowledge. In doing so, your interests are our top priority and you can expect us to work hard to protect them.

You can contact our experts for:

  • Real estate financing;
  • Investment damages;
  • Interest rate derivatives;
  • Financing arrangements;
  • Financing and securities;
  • Liability of financial providers;
  • Excess credits;
  • Violation of a duty of care by a financial service provider;

Whether it concerns attracting credit, negotiating a financing construction, (alternative) financing for your company, an investment damage issue, or anything else in the field of  finance and banking, our specialists are happy to provide you with advice and assistance.

What else can we help you with?

An increasingly complex financial world also means that the risks associated with doing business also increase. It is challenging enough for large companies with their own legal department to make the right choices. It becomes even more difficult for the SME entrepreneur who is not able to rely on his own legal department. We are happy to take some of that weight of your shoulders, so that you can continue to do what you are good at: running your business.

Whether it concerns a complicated financing arrangement that involves many stakeholders, or a simple financial issue, exchanging ideas with a specialist at an early stage is of great importance.

Your first point of contact:

Jan-Gerrit Meijerink

Good advice can prevent many problems, which makes prevention a better approach than preserving. However, a conflict can sometimes arise, despite all good intentions. At that moment I would like to take the reins to find a good solution. This solution must be legally thorough, but above all practical, so that you can continue without extensive actions. This sometimes requires a creative approach, which I like.

Jan-Gerrit Meijerink - lawyer since 2010 - first completed the Business Informatics and Industrial Engineering and Management study programme and worked in the IT industry for several years. He has been working in the legal profession for quite some time now, where he focuses mainly on financial law and contract law (B2B). He is a member of the Association for Financial Law and the Association for Civil Law. He is also a member of the business organisations JNO (VNO-NCW) and Frisian Affairs. In his spare time, he likes mountain climbing or sailing.