Our approach

Traditionally, law firms consisted of the sum of a number of individual lawyers who were accustomed to working side by side, each within their own area of expertise, on their own files. Yspeert has chosen to abandon traditional models of law firm structures and practices. Instead, Yspeert has created a culture where lawyers are encouraged to collaborate across their own areas of expertise to address our clients' most complex problems. Our main thrust is to structurally add value to our clients and create lasting client relationships.

At Yspeert, serving the needs of individual clients is seen as a group effort and not the sole responsibility of an individual lawyer. The increasing complexity of legal issues and work that is increasingly cross-practice and cross-jurisdictional requires lawyers to work together across expertise and organizational boundaries. Our experts benefit from working in a team where they can leverage each other's strengths, knowledge and specific expertise to address complex legal issues. Our approach is a unique glue that keeps Yspeert together in a collegial unit.  This allows Yspeert to guarantee our clients high-quality work, with their interests represented by the best qualified attorneys.

Over the past years, our firm has grown considerably due to our proactive approach towards our clients and current legal issues. We are committed to structural cooperation with our clients. We understand the business objectives of our clients and maintain short lines of communications with individual organisations. An important aspect of our service consists of targeted legal advice as well as training (the employees of) our clients. We focus on quick and adequate solutions at minimal cost and risk. Due to the size of our firm we are able to guarantee continuity and service, while still providing our clients with short communication lines with their contact person.