mr. G. (Gerrit) Schaak

"I like to bite down on cases and complex matters"

At the end of my studies I wasn’t sure whether I should work in science or choose the practical side of the legal profession, but the combination of theory and practice appeals to me the most. People describe me as a lawyer with strong analytical skills and a high level of abstraction, which is very useful in financial law. I like to bite down on complex matters, just throw myself in the deep end.

I didn’t let go of the scientific interest towards law. I have a critical attitude and will not settle for the first best solution that presents itself. I like looking at an issue from multiple angles and then dive deeper into the matter. Without losing sight of the practical side.

For example, it is important to think a few steps ahead in financial law, where you are dealing with multiple parties. This way you avoid possible pitfalls. Also, practice has a concrete, human factor, which is something that appeals to me.

Gerrit completed his Bachelor's degree in Law at the University of Utrecht and then completed his Master's degree in Private Law at the University of Groningen. After his studies, he continued to do internships at law firms in the North. He was also a research assistant at the University of Groningen for some time.

Publications of Gerrit

Publications of Gerrit Schaak