Quality improvement and risk management through the provision of an in-house exp

Quality improvement and risk management through the provision of an in-house expert

Besides advising our clients, we also offer (temporary) in-house counselling. Through in-house counselling, we are able to help our clients assess their current (legal) structures or set up more efficient processes that are in line with the applicable legal standards and regulations. Our emphasis will be on both regulating the internal processes of our clients as well as educating them on relevant legal issues so that they will be able to assess and manage risks and costs in future business transactions. 

We  provided our service to several governmental bodies to improve the quality of their internal (legal) processes. In doing so, we gained extensive experience in reviewing and supplementing permits.

Let us know which (permit) system you would like to have examined and our employees will provide you with an extensive review of the general rules - for example the general local regulations -,  the policy and current decision formats. Moreover, we will provide you with recommendations on how to improve decision-making processes in your business. This type of quality and efficiency improvement trajectories can of course also be applied to other organisations.

In our experience, in-house counselling is most efficient if one of our employees becomes part of your organisation for a certain period of time so that they can work face to face with your employees and consult with them on current (legal) processes to improve efficiency.   

Offering in-house counselling or broader training programmes allows our lawyers to further broaden their understanding of certain legal aspects as well as apply a more business-oriented approach to their profession.

Our in-house counselling project can also accommodate internal capacity problems or the temporary (maternity) leave of one or more of our client’s employed legal experts. 

For information on our in-house lawyer projects please contact Elzelou Grit (e.grit@yspeert.nl; +31 (0) 50 207 16 22) or Ruth Pruim (r.pruim@yspeert.nl; +31 (0) 50 314 42 80)

Your first point of contact:

Elzelou Grit

Elzelou studied Dutch Law (cum laude) with a specialisation in Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Groningen. She worked at two large law firms in the Northern Netherlands and at an administrative research and consultancy agency for governments. In 2018, Elzelou specialized in Environmental Law (formerly spatial planning and environment) at the Grotius Academy in Nijmegen. She is a member of the Audit Committee of Midden-Drenthe. This committee checks the legality and efficiency of the administration conducted by the municipality. Lastly, she is a member/chairman of the Objection and Appeals Committee of the Province of Flevoland. This committee advises the Provincial Executive on the legality of decisions taken.