Employment or Staffing Agency

As an employment or staffing agency you are happy to help other companies find suitable employees. The peculiar thing is that as an employment or staffing agency you always remain the employer, while your employees work under the direction and supervision of someone else. Because of this peculiar situation, specific rules and regulations apply to the staffing and employment industry. We understand that this can be complicated. Our lawyers specialized in assisting companies in the staffing and employment agency are happy to help you.

Why hire a lawyer for your employment or staffing agency?

Our lawyers have worked for companies operating in the staffing and employment industry for many years. Because of this we have a great deal of experience with and knowledge of the specific rules and regulations that apply to the staffing and employment industry. We also keep informed of the latest developments in the staffing and employment industry. Additionally, our lawyers are well aware that the employment relationship with a temporary employee is different than that of a regular employee. Therefore, this often requires a different approach. Because of the expertise of our lawyers we’re able to help you quickly. This allows you to focus on the things you are good at.

What can our employment law lawyers help you with?

 Our employment law lawyers can advise and assist you with:

  • the (summary) dismissal of an employee;
  • the termination of an employment contract by mutual agreement (“by mutual consent”) and the drafting of a settlement agreement;
  • drafting airtight temporary employment contracts, hiring contracts, general terms and conditions, a staff handbook, codes of conduct or other documents and regulations;
  • questions about clauses in both the ABU Collective Labour Agreement for Temporary Workers and the NBBU Collective Agreement for Temporary Workers;
  • the obligations that apply to an employment or staffing agency under the Workforce allocation by intermediaries act (the “Wet allocatie arbeidskrachten door intermediairs” also known as the “WAADI”);
  • what rules and obligations apply when posting foreign workers in the Netherlands or posting Dutch workers abroad.

What else can we help you with?

Besides knowledge of employment law, we also have all the legal expertise in other areas you may have to deal with as an employment or staffing agency. For example, do you rent and have a dispute with your landlord? Or are you participating in a tender and have questions about it? Or do you have other legal issues as an entrepreneur? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.