Corporate Law


Yspeert’s corporate lawyers have in-depth experience in advising and litigating in the area of Dutch corporate law. Our know-how in this area of law is extensive which allows us to guide you through the High-Stakes World of Mergers, Company acquisitions and takeovers. Our corporate lawyers excel as “deal makers” who realise that although the objectives of parties may be the same, their interest is often a very different one.

Our motto is: Prevention is better than cure. Our corporate lawyers can help you draw up all necessary corporate documentation customised to your particular needs.

Our experts provide Dutch and international clients with clear, imaginative and practical advice on all matters of Dutch corporate law, including:

- Mergers and acquisitions;

- Joint ventures and partnering arrangements;

- Restructuring and reorganisations;

- Venture capital and other corporate financing transactions;

- Management buyouts;

- Takeovers;

- Regulatory issues, such as capital markets regulations;

We are also more than happy to assist you with any company law issues such as:

- Issues regarding the convening of a general meeting of shareholders;

- Assisting with the set up and structure of your company;

- Assessment of internal decision-making processes;

- Corporate governance;

- Shareholder agreements and shareholder disputes;

Corporate liability

In our complex business world, directors are more and more bound by corporate governance obligations. If a managing director or the board of management incur debts that they know cannot be paid, or they take so much money from the firm that debtors can no longer be paid, the managing director himself can be (personally) held liable for those debts. The expertise of our interdisciplinary team has a particular strength in legal proceedings relating to fraudulent conveyance issues and directors’ liability. In times of distress, we provide the expert advice our clients need in order to prevent or limit liability.

Your first point of contact:

Arianne Klok

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, so I know what ‘putting in hard work’ means and I understand the importance of quality. I have a realistic approach, and I am proactive. I always start with what is most important, to quickly get to the heart of the matter. Secondly, I look at what is possible, often resulting in a solution the client wasn’t aware of or hadn’t thought of. I take satisfaction in helping people when they get stuck, quickly discovering the legal rules, looking at the bigger picture, and pressing emotions to the background.

Arianne Klok's commercial practice focuses on the fields of real estate and corporate law. Her clients are starting and established entrepreneurs, healthcare institutions, real estate owners, landlords and tenants of residential and/or commercial space. She is involved in counselling and litigating, setting up or terminating various contracts, such as commercial collaborations, collaborations on the subject of separation of housing and care, or administrative tendering in the social domain. Arianne shares her thoughts with clients on an operational and management level, oversees processes, and strives for efficiency benefits.

Arianne Klok BBA (Bachelor Business Administration) has been working as a lawyer since 2008. In addition to Business Administration, she also studied Dutch Law at the University of Groningen, with a specialisation in Private Law and Business Law. Arianne has experience as a company lawyer at NDC-VBK publishers and was closely involved in the ISO certification of her previous law firm.