About Us

Yspeert has a vision on the provision of legal services that is distinctive in the legal sector. We think of ourselves as business service provider, geared towards establishing and nurturing long-term client relationships. We thereby continuously aim to demonstrate our added value to our client’s businesses. Together with our clients, we focus on providing a more collaborative approach to client service. Yspeert is committed to a solutions-based and process-oriented approach, providing innovative and sound commercial advice. We do this by not limiting our services to the provision of advice and litigation, but also paying close attention to structural and long-lasting solutions. Yspeert is dedicated to working with its clients to help them achieve their business strategies and overcome complex legal challenges. We thereby keep asking ourselves: what tools does our client need to face future challenges when doing business in the Netherlands or abroad. Providing clients with a thorough assessment of any risks and costs is our number one priority. We welcome the opportunity to act as our client’s sparring partner, providing our clients with advice about their legal position and further strategy, striving for high-quality business operations.

Our clients can contact us at any time, our experts are easily approachable and excel in their quick follow-up.  We know our client’s business and the legal landscape in which they operate. This allows our experts to make a quick assessment of risks while “setting the right tone”.

We believe in a no-nonsense and effective approach that it is not constricted by office hours or lack of personal involvement. We do not charge extra for good customer service; we are eager to be of service to our clients.

Due to strict admission requirements as well as our extensive training programmes, we are able to guarantee a optimally sized team of highly experienced specialists combined with high-quality legal talent that continuously delivers cost-effective and high-quality services.