mr. G. (Guus) Benes

'I want to examine every case down to the last detail’

The down-to-earth mentality of the Northeast Netherlands appeals to me and characterizes me as a lawyer. I was born and raised in Drenthe, and I returned there after my studies. Because of my sincere interest in the law, I always want to know every little detail of each case. Whether it concerns a large or small interest, whether it concerns the giving of advice or the drafting of a procedural document: for me the content is paramount. To serve a client’s best interest one has to pay attention to every little detail.

Being able to use the legal language, both written and verbal, to express one’s opinion is the part of my profession I appreciate the most. The trick is to get your message across as clear and concisely as possible. To be able to do that it is important to put oneself in in the economic and legal position of a client. A procedural document mainly revolves around the legal aspects of a particular case. However, providing a client with advice is more practical. It is a great challenge to always find a good balance.

Guus studied Dutch law at the University of Groningen, with a double specialization: private law and corporate law. He has been active as a lawyer since 2013. He mainly focuses on contract law, corporate law and tenancy law. In 2020 he completed the VHA specialization course in tenancy law cum laude. Guus is a member of the Association of Tenancy Lawyers and of the Nederlandsche Tafelronde (RT55 Emmen), among others.

Publications of Guus

Publications of Guus Benes