mr. F. (Frank) Omta

'Business is about taking risks'

Sometimes things get out of hand and risks taken can eventually result in the bankruptcy of your company or a key business partner. In this difficult period, it is important to act quickly and to have an advisor who can both think along as an entrepreneur and knows all legal pitfalls. Irre-spective of whether it concerns a reorganisation, a relaunch or a complete restructuring.

My field of work includes everything in the field of business law and insolvency law. In addition, as a curator in bankruptcies, I have the necessary experience to assist you adequately when the going gets tough. I ensure that justice is done for you or your company by providing advice, thinking along with you and, if necessary, conducting legal proceedings.

Frank Omta studied Dutch law with a specialization in insolvency law at the University of Groningen. After his studies, Frank completed the Company and business law course (Grotius Academy), the INSOLAD insolvency course and the Financial Economics for Insolvency Lawyers (Grotius Academy). Frank is a member of the Association for Insolvency Law Attorneys (INSOLAD), the Veendammer Ondernemers Compagnie, of which he was chairman for many years and is a deputy mem-ber of the Board of Delegates of the North Netherlands Bar Association.

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