Financial Law

Financial law is a broad and complex area of law that interfaces with corporate law. Our team of experts covers the full spectrum of legal banking and finance matters and is involved in a wide variety of transactions. We offer a broad range of services, from advising on stock exchange investing, loans, project finance and real estate to conducting specialised legal proceedings. Has the bank cancelled the financing of your project? Then contact us for help.

Has your pension evaporated?

You have sold your company and are planning on your retirement. Meanwhile the bank has already  started investing the proceeds. Now, several years later, all of your savings for your pension have evaporated. Is that your own fault, or can the bank be held responsible? We can help you assess the chances of bringing a successful claim against the bank.

Settle or litigate?

To agree with a settlement is often cheaper than litigation. A settlement is also usually reached much faster than a verdict. However, what is the best solution in your particular circumstances? What it comes down to is good decision making. We can act as a sparring partner that litigates if it is in your interest, and settles if possible.

Your first point of contact:

Harm Jan Tulp

Harm Jan played a leading role in the stock lease affair as a consumer lawyer. He was also involved in the creation of several large usury policy settlements. Harm Jan is a member of the Supervisory Board of Schouwburg de Lawei, a member of the board of the association of lawyers in Friesland and a member (vice-chairman) of the Supervisory Board of Stichting Revalidatie Friesland. He teaches at the CPO and is a regular speaker at seminars and conferences. Harm Jan is co-author of the SDU publication Commentary on Financial Law. Harm Jan Tulp is also regularly asked for the television show Kassa, when it comes to current affairs in the field of financial law. Harm Jan Tulp has worked as a lawyer for more than twenty years. He is a partner at Yspeert.