Employment Law

There is no other area of law that is as dynamic and fast paced as employment law. By the very nature of this area of law, matters can be sensitive and urgent at times. As labour law is constantly evolving, businesses have to content with amended regulations, governing representation, occupational incapacity and the potential for or impossibility of entering into flexible labour relations. Just a few years back the Dutch law governing dismissals were radically changed by the Work and Security Act. Some of these changes will be reversed by the Labour Market Balance Act, which has entered into effect on the 1st of January 2020. Our experts easily adopt to a fast-changing legal landscape and can readily assist you as an adviser but also as a sparring partner.

Our team of employment lawyers assists both local Dutch businesses as (local branches of) foreign companies that do business in the Netherlands.

Our experts can support and advise on, among other:

  • Drafting and advising on the content of employment contracts, contracts of assignment;
  • Working conditions (collective labour agreements, internal working conditions regulations);
  • the law governing individual dismissals, including unsatisfactory performance;
  • Non-compete/ and customer restriction clauses;
  • Reorganisation and restructuring;
  • Business transfers;
  • Occupational incapacity and reintegration;
  • Management and freelance agreements;
  • Employment benefit schemes (including WW and WIA) and pension law;
  • Statutory directors;

Employers and employees

We not only assist employees but also companies, including various care and educational institutions as well as housing cooperatives. With many we have a long-standing relationship. We make sure you are provided with a single point of contact that is able to assist and inform you regarding the day-to-day operation of your company. As always, our team is able to adapt quickly and provide you with an all-around service, covering employment matters as well as issues relating to other areas of law that your company is dealing with.


Our experts also  provide, and participate in, various lectures, courses and conferences on the current affairs relating to employment law. Our experts can also provide in-house presentations, lectures and/or courses.

Your first point of contact:

Tom Nicolai

Tom Nicolai (lawyer since 2001) attended the postgraduate specialisation course in Employment Law (Grotius). He is a member of the Association of Employment Lawyers in the Netherlands and the Northern Netherlands and a board member of the business association ZO. Tom is a partner at Yspeert.