Real Estate

As a real estate owner/agent your main concern is doing business. Sometimes that may concern "fast trade" while other times it is a well thought-out and long-term development process. In any case, the legal aspects, whether you are aware of them or not, play a prominent role in any kind of transaction. It is becoming increasingly important to properly record real estate agreements. We also have to take into account any local regulations. In addition, environmental requirements imposed by the government as well as the tasks and possibilities associated with the Energy Transition should be on the top of your mind when it comes to doing business in real estate.

You recently bought a house or property, but after you signed the purchase agreement, you discovered there are defects. What can you do? What are your rights? Our experts are more than qualified to explain how the Dutch law applies to your situation.

Some of the issues you may be confronted with include:

  • Construction issues;
  • Purchase and sale;
  • Rent and rental;
  • Spatial planning;
  • Area development and new construction, project development;
  • “Zero-on-the-meter” homes, Energy Performance Fees;
  • Homeowner association (HOA) matters;
  • Rental prices and service costs;
  • Environmental pollution, asbestos;
  • Hidden defects and the liability of seller, broker or notary;
  • Financing, mortgage, real estate CV;

We give advice, negotiate and draft and/or assess agreements concerning any topic you may have to deal with. For example, we can guide you through the process of applying to the municipality for a permit. We can also support you in entering into or terminating agreements with business partners, buyers or tenants. If you are unable to reach a settlement with a municipality, contracting party or owners’ association,  we will be able to act on your behalf and if necessary represent your legal interests in court.

As a client of Yspeert, you are also most welcome at one of our academies on various current topics. We share our knowledge free of charge in academies or blogs, so that you are be able to anticipate future risks. Our services are focused on efficiency, risk management and cost saving. We streamline business processes for you to mitigate legal risks as much as possible. Together we strive for the best outcome in any situation.

Your first point of contact:

Wouter Leerink

I work in a team of very persistent people. I think that teamwork is the most amazing thing. I was captain of my field hockey team for many years. The group process is my priority; working together towards a goal. In every case you must first ensure that the content is correct. Nonetheless, I want to achieve what is best for my client. But I don't just want to solve problems. By building a good relationship with a client, you can also prevent future issues.

Wouter Leerink completed his Master’s degree in Private Law and Corporate Law at the University of Groningen. Since 2010, Wouter has specialised in construction, contract and corporate law at Yspeert. Furthermore, Wouter is an active member of the Junior Chamber Groningen (JCI), the Youth Commercial Club Groningen (JCC), the Commercial Club Groningen (CCG), and the Association for Construction Law Lawyers (Vbr-A).