The Owners’ Association

In many ways, an apartment cannot be compared to a house or an entire commercial building. When buying an apartment, you become co-owner of the whole complex and you get the exclusive right of use in a specific private area. An apartment owner automatically becomes and remains a member of the Owners’ Association. Within an OA, numerous rules apply based on the law, the articles of association, and the House Rules. Holiday parks are often split into apartment rights or trading takes place under a “normal” association, which is often also referred to as the Owners' Association. As a director, administrator, or member of an OA you are regularly confronted with questions, discussions, conflicts, or sometimes even lawsuits regarding the OA.

Topic in this area:

  • Payment of the OA contribution;
  • Nuisance;
  • Subletting;
  • Meeting, formalities and voting relationships;
  • Tasks and powers of the board;
  • Content of the Deed of Division or the amendment thereof;
  • Relationship of Deed and House Rules;
  • Maintenance, defects, internal renovations;
  • Make decisions or challenge a decision;
  • Finance, reserve fund.

In which cases should you contact Yspeert?

We give advice, negotiate and draft and/or assess agreements concerning any topic you may have to deal with.. We can advise on the contents of the Demerger Deed, the HHR (household regulations), and your rights and obligations. We can also assist with any meeting or help the board formulate registrations for members. If you, as a member of the OA, disagree with a decision that has been made, we will assist you in the procedure concerning void or voidable decisions.

What else can we help you with?

As a client of Yspeert you are most welcome at our academies on various current topics. We share much of our knowledge free of charge in academies or blogs. Our services focus on efficiency, risk management, and cost savings.

Your first point of contact:

Frouke Douma

Frouke is specialised in Contract Law and Bankruptcy Law. In her commercial practice, the main focus is on real estate and tenancy law. She advises and litigates particularly in the sale, rent, lease, development, and management of real estate. Her clients include real estate investors, tenants, managers, owners' associations, developers, and contractors. She is also involved in financing and (enforcement of) securities.

Frouke studied Dutch law at the University of Groningen. She worked as a lawyer at an accountancy firm and as a lawyer at a law firm in the North. In addition to her work, she is an external Ph.D. candidate at the University of Groningen where she conducts doctoral research into the position of titleholders in international insolvency proceedings from an international private law perspective.