mr. P.A.Th. (Paul) Kostwinder

"The biggest difficulties are where we don't look for them"

My profession makes it possible for me to get acquainted with many companies and branches. I believe that many issues, although they may seem completely different, still have a lot in common. My tax and corporate law background makes it easy to understand the business-economic consequences and find a legal solution. As a professional group, we are always looking for issues that are not obvious. Many difficulties can be avoided by thinking ahead and planning strategically.

Paul Kostwinder - lawyer since 2005 - studied law in Groningen and Kingston, Canada. In 1999, he started his professional career as a tax specialist at one of the big four accounting firms. In 2010, Paul completed the insolvency law course at the University of Groningen. His practice focuses particularly on tax and corporate law procedures and advice, such as acquisitions, mergers, and relaunches. He also assists companies that are in dire straits. Paul is a partner at Yspeert.

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