Contract Law

When two parties do business together, there is always an agreement or contract, oral or written. In fact, contracts play an important role in almost every aspect of our everyday lives. Contract law thereby touches upon all areas of law. From the contract you have with your energy supplier to your employment contract, from mortgages to a distribution or franchise agreement entered into with a business partner. Our experts deal with different aspects of contract law on a daily basis. We do not only focus on providing advice to our clients; we also litigate on their behalf, when necessary.

General terms and conditions

How do you as an entrepreneur deal with unreasonable conditions from a supplier or client? Can you rule out all possible damage? How do you protect your idea? We can answer all those questions.

But in the fine print lies the catch

The experts at Yspeert can help you draw up and conclude any types of agreements. Beyond that we also assess our clients existing contracts in order to advise them on the most effective strategy to reach a solution. Our experts know that the devil often lies in the detail. 

Your first point of contact:

Wouter Leerink

Wouter Leerink deed de Master privaatrecht en ondernemingsrecht aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Sinds 2010 heeft Wouter zich bij Yspeert gespecialiseerd in het bouw-, contracten- en ondernemingsrecht. Verder is Wouter actief als lid van de Junior Kamer Groningen (JCI), de Jongeren Commercieele Club Groningen (JCC), de Commercieele Club Groningen (CCG) en de Vereniging voor Bouwrecht-Advocaten (Vbr-A). Wouter is als vennoot verbonden aan Yspeert advocaten.