Construction and Infrastructure

The world of construction and infrastructure is complex, innovative and subject to change. During construction projects, disputes, (technical) problems as well as legal (permit) challenges may arise. For years, we have been advising clients, contractors, (project) developers and architects on their legal position: both according to civil and administrative law. Our project expertise covers a multitude of areas, including landmark real estate developments. With our resources, experience and expertise in all aspects of property and construction related transactions and issues, we provide a comprehensive service that helps clients get the deal done or solve their problems. The combination of practical experience and expertise ensures our ability to provide practical, workable advice.

Legal issues you may encounter

We increasingly recognise a need to properly record the ongoing construction process so that the legal position as a contractor, developer or architect at any stage is secured if an (un) expected situation arises. After all, you may have to deal with:

The bankruptcy of a client contractor;

  • Liquidity problems;
  • A lack of personnel;
  • Higher construction costs;
  • Delivery problems;
  • Perils around licensing;
  • Protected animals (such as bats);
  • Perils with (water) road authorities;
  • A delay in construction;
  • (Hidden) defects;
  • Design or implementation errors;
  • Other liabilities

When should you contact us?

Our experience in construction processes covers everything from start to finish, from negotiating the terms of the contract to the drafting and execution.

We can identify the required permits and permissions, a useful "licensing strategy" and we can guide you through administrative procedures.

Making sure that the terms of the agreements are as clear as possible is essential in order to prevent legal conflicts. We often work with standard conditions such as the UAV 2012, UAV-GC 2005 and standard STABU and RAW specifications. The content and the application of those conditions in small, large and very large projects is what we do every day.

You can contact us for advice and questions regarding contracts, the application of standard or non-standard conditions, the implementation and/or delivery problems and other conflicts that you may have with your contract partner. Should it prove necessary, we are also able to assist you in an arbitration procedure.

We act on matters such as drafting any type of contract related to construction or industrial projects contracts. More specifically:

  • (Traditional) building contracts;
  • Project development;
  • Construction team agreements;
  • Alliance agreements;
  • STABU specifications;
  • RAW specifications;
  • Performance specifications;
  • Turnkey projects;
  • Design & Build (D&B) or Design & Construct (D&C);
  • Design, Build & Maintenance (DB&M);
  • Design, Build, Finance & Maintenance (DBFM);
  • Design, Build, Finance, Maintenance & Operate (DBFMO);
  • UAV 2012 (and UAV 1989);
  • UAV-GC 2005 (and UAV-GC 2000);
  • AGM 2013 (and older versions);

We are able to consult and litigate on your behalf before administrative courts, for example with regard to:

  • Tree effect analyses;
  • Water permits;
  • Environmental permits;
  • Nbw permit (animal & plant species protection and Natura-200 areas);
  • Zoning plans;
  • Planning approval decisions;
  • Assistance and consultations concerning the competent authority or (water) road authorities;

Your first point of contact:

Wouter Leerink

I work in a team of very persistent people. I think that teamwork is the most amazing thing. I was captain of my field hockey team for many years. The group process is my priority; working together towards a goal. In every case you must first ensure that the content is correct. Nonetheless, I want to achieve what is best for my client. But I don't just want to solve problems. By building a good relationship with a client, you can also prevent future issues.

Wouter Leerink completed his Master’s degree in Private Law and Corporate Law at the University of Groningen. Since 2010, Wouter has specialised in construction, contract and corporate law at Yspeert. Furthermore, Wouter is an active member of the Junior Chamber Groningen (JCI), the Youth Commercial Club Groningen (JCC), the Commercial Club Groningen (CCG), and the Association for Construction Law Lawyers (Vbr-A).