Environmental Law


As the name already suggests, environmental law refers to the set of rules and regulations that regulates the complex distribution of available (living/business) space. This area of law is constantly changing due to new national and European laws and regulations, new building techniques and societal developments. Environmental law encompasses aspects of the law that provide protection for the environment, for example:

- Rules on matters such as area development (including zoning plans, parking standards, expropriation and management regulations);

- Rules on pollution control, for example by (rail) roads, companies and agriculture (air quality, soil protection and flora and fauna);

- Rules that protect citizens from noise nuisance, accident risks and flooding etc.;

Typical legal issues also concern building permits, nuisance or the presence of a rare type of animal or spatial planning regulations that may impede on your business operations.

Our specialists are known for their expertise and litigation experience in the areas of spatial planning and environmental law. They give advice to government bodies, project developers and large companies on the ins and outs of among other things the General Provisions for Environmental Law, the Spatial Planning Act, the Water Act, the Environmental Management Act, the Noise Abatement Act, the Crisis and Recovery Act, the Environmental Impact Assessment Decree and in the upcoming "Environmental Act". Our experts strive for an innovative solution-focused work practice in which our clients are central at all times.

Your first point of contact:

Elzelou Grit

In my practice I deal with all kinds of interests; the general interest of society, the interest of an entrepreneur with a plan, and often the interest of a counterparty. Administrative law has its own rules and specialised judges with their procedural law. That makes administrative law a chess game with its own rules. Whether I litigate or provide advice, I like to use all the 'chess pieces' on the board.

I am particularly interested in environmental law. It covers everything you encounter the moment you step outside. The nesting bird in the tree yet to be cut, the factory or stable next to a house, the establishment of retail on an industrial site. As well as the arrival of wind turbine parks, the construction of the southern ring motorway around Groningen, and even the establishment of large internet providers in the Eemshaven. As a lawyer I gained experience in the fields of government, business, and individuals. This allows me to anticipate what a counterparty or ally considers important and achievable. One situation may require a tough or formal approach, while another situation may need a softer, guiding approach . Together with the client, I determine our aim and the best course to achieve our goals.

Elzelou studied Dutch Law (cum laude) with a specialisation in Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Groningen. She worked at two large law firms in the Northern Netherlands and at an administrative research and consultancy agency for governments. In 2018, Elzelou specialized in Environmental Law (formerly spatial planning and environment) at the Grotius Academy in Nijmegen. She is a member of the Audit Committee of Midden-Drenthe. This committee checks the legality and efficiency of the administration conducted by the municipality. Lastly, she is a member/chairman of the Objection and Appeals Committee of the Province of Flevoland. This committee advises the Provincial Executive on the legality of decisions taken.