Medical disciplinary Law

Medical disciplinary matters

Of course, nobody that provides health care expects or wants to to receive a disciplinary complaint. Yet it any BIG-registered healthcare provider may be confronted with medical disciplinary matters. A disciplinary complaint can have an tremendous impact. Especially a disciplinary complaint that is personal and does not tell whole story, can provide a feeling of injustice.

As a healthcare provider, you are required to put your own emotions aside in such a case and focus on the disciplinary procedure. Often, a response to the complaint is required within a short period of time, not only examining the medical aspects of a complaint, but also the legal aspects. Disciplinary proceedings can therefore be a huge distraction from your day-to-day work, which can provide added pressure on your performance and enjoyment of your work. Disciplinary proceedings may also in some cases have an impact on a healthcsare provider’s private life.

You should take every disciplinary complaint serious an seek the assistance of a legal professional. Professional assistance in disciplinary proceedings reduces the burden so that you can remain fully focused on your work and provide healthcare to others.

As a lawyer specialised in medical disciplinary matters I am able to assist and represent you in disciplinary proceedings. In addition to my extensive knowledge of disciplinary law, I keep in mind what a complaint does to you as a care provider. I know that a complaint can make you lose your open-mindedness and that there is a risk of adopting a more defensive professional attitude. I am right there with you acting as a  sounding board in this difficult time. Together we determine the strategy and take the right steps towards the best outcome.

Have you received a disciplinary complaint or are you expecting to receive a disciplinary complaint? Do not hesitate to contact me.

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