Liability Law


Our liability law section assists companies and private individuals in handling all kinds of liability claims. We always start with establishing the nature and extent of the damage. After all, the extent and nature of the damage will reflect on the importance of proving or retaining liability, depending on whether you want to hold someone liable or whether you are held liable yourself. We believe that it is necessary to first determine whether it is worthwhile to fully investigate the liability or whether it is more advantageous to come to an extrajudicial arrangement with the other party. We are not focused on making our point, but on offering you the best solution.


Liability can arise from either an agreement (contractual liability) or from the law (civil liability). While our contract law specialists can best advise you on contractual liability, our liability law experts can advise you on civil liability.

Civil liability

The law provides for many forms of liability. While someone can be liable for their own actions, they may also be liable for damage caused by something or someone else. Think for example of the employer who is liable for injury caused by one of their employees or the road manager who may be held strictly liable for a defect in the road. Whether a damage-causing event leads to liability will depend entirely on the specific circumstances of the case. Knowledge of the applicable case law is therefore essential to assess liability.


As a general principle everyone bears responsibility for their own damage. However, we will deviate from such principle once it can be proven that someone or something else is liable for the damage. Any assumption of liability must be substantiated with evidence. Claiming liability is not enough, the ability to prove liability is decisive.

Prevention is better than cure

Our specialists in insurance law and contract law can advise you on how to best protect yourself against liability and the (financial) consequences thereof, for example through insurance or by adjusting your general terms and conditions.

Why choose Yspeert?

The composition of our team ensures broad knowledge and experience in a wide range of liability issues. That way, you can be sure that your case will end up with the best specialist. Working within an interdisciplinary team allows our experts to not only deal with any liability but also handle other obstacles you might encounter such as a possible dismissal of an employee or an imminent bankruptcy. The combination of specialist knowledge and internal cooperation is what makes our service stand out.

The types of liability claims our experts can assist with include:

  • Liability caused by animals;
  • Employers Liability;
  • Product liability;
  • Sports-related Injuries and Legal Liability;
  • Road traffic/transport liability 

Your first point of contact:

Karin Kamps

Karin studied Dutch Law at the University of Groningen, with a specialisation in Personal Injury and Occupational Illnesses. Karin has been working as a lawyer since 2005. In 2019, Karin completed the Personal Injury course at the Academy of Legal Practice.