Technology, Media and Telecommunications

They have become somewhat notorious: IT projects that ultimately fail after many months and sometimes years of implementation. The costs associated with those projects are often many times higher than projected or the promised benefits are not delivered. In order to assure a different outcome, Yspeert tries to get involved as early as possible. Is a proper contract concluded? Who owns the intellectual property rights? Is a license issued? What does the Service Level Agreement state? What is arranged regarding privacy? We advise our clients throughout the whole duration of the implementation process.

IT law covers various areas of law, including but not limited to, contract law, privacy law and intellectual property law. With the advent of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the privacy aspects must also be explicitly taken into account when designing software.

We give advice on, among other, the following legal issues:

  • Software;
  • Source codes;
  • Programming;
  • Escrow;
  • Privacy related matters;
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA);
  • Licensing;
  • the drafting and/or assessment of IT contracts;
  • E-commerce;
  • The General Data Protection Regulation;

Why choose Yspeert?

We are experts in advising, negotiating, litigating and making or assessing agreements in the field of IT law. If you are dealing with any IT-related topic, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible. For example, if you plan to enter into an IT contract or if you are the maker of software and want to sell and/or license this software. We advise you to contact us at an early stage: prevention is better than cure.

What else does Yspeert offer?

Our clients are most welcome to participate in one of our academies on various current topics. We share our knowledge free of charge in academies or blogs, so that you are be able to anticipate future risks. We aim to be an easy conversation partner for any legal issues you may encounter.

Your first point of contact:

Sander Vos

As a lawyer and curator, I experience the problems entrepreneurs may encounter when running their company. When giving advice, I always keep the interests of my clients in mind. An entrepreneur wants a solution that is best from an economic point of view: as much revenue as possible, at the lowest possible cost. Being right after a lengthy and expensive procedure is not always covered by this.

That is why I give real and clear advice so that my clients immediately know where they stand. Is a claim enforceable and, if so, recoverable? What are the pitfalls? Which route should we follow and what are the costs? I can think and act quickly, which is often crucial, especially in (impending) bankruptcies. After all, a company in dire straits has to deal with many risks, and a company’s value can diminish in no time.

Sander has been active as a lawyer and curator since 2007. As a lawyer, he has extensive experience in the fields of property and contract law. This includes drawing up and assessing contracts, entering into and settling finances, and establishing and enforcing securities, such as guarantees, pledges, and mortgage rights. Sander also continuously assists shareholders in starting up and unbundling partnerships and advises on restructuring and acquisition.