mr. R.O.P. (Rutger) Kooijman

'A good strategy is half the battle'

Most parties are not aware of the precise step-by-step plan that one has to apply in administrative law, and in particular environmental law. For example, when developing or making changes to the environment, a certain step-by-step plan applies, which must be followed with the right strategy. It is important that all interests involved are adequately identified. It is my job to use my knowledge and skills to adequately represent my client's interests. As a lawyer, I have supported property developers and the government as well as citizens and entrepreneurs over the past few years. Regardless of who the client is, my job is to translate a complex legal problem into an well-founded advice and a concrete plan of action.

In addition to a legal perspective, my background in public administration also gives me an understanding of how government works in terms of politics, governance and organization. My knowledge of political science, legal sociology and economics is particularly useful for our administrative law department. Public interest is more than just a “legal reality”. For this reason, I always pay attention to the powers, the tasks, the political goal and the applicable rules when giving (legal) advice. In administrative and environmental law, the main challenge is to enable the wishes of those involved while also keeping in mind the public interest.

Rutger studied Law & Governance at the University of Groningen, where he specialized in environmental law. Before that, Rutger worked for a large city planning office in the north of the Netherlands, where he was involved in various major project developments as a lawyer

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