mr. M. (Mart) Dijkstra

"Selecting the right strategy is essential"

For me, close cooperation with the client is necessary for achieving the best solution. I approach a problem by looking at the bigger picture and choosing the right strategy for the client. My experience as a lawyer and international corporate legal advisor entails that I understand the interests and demands of small and large companies. To me, providing suitable advice means that, besides delivering a legal product, you also need to explain to the client what is and isn’t allowed in doing business.

I regularly provide lectures and training courses in contract law, corporate law, intellectual property law, privacy law, and ICT law. As a brainstorming associate for both the directors and staff of an organization, I try to raise awareness in legal issues. This is in the interest of the entire organisation and prevents many legal disputes, which saves a lot of money. If a procedure is unavoidable, I confidently take the dispute to court.

Mart studied Dutch Law at the University of Groningen with a specialisation in Private Law and Criminal Law. He worked as a lawyer at law firms in the north of the country and the Randstad. He also gained experience in international business as a corporate lawyer (Legal & Compliance Counsel) at Samsung Electronics. Mart is a member of the Privacy Law Association.

Publications of Mart

Publications of Mart Dijkstra