mr. J.P. (Jan Pieter) Kleefstra

"My working method is characterised by a proactive and strongminded attitude. Quality is decisive"

Yspeert's no-nonsense mentality suits me well. Just act normal and go for it. I am a go-getter, who always tries to reach the highest possible outcome. A fast, goal-oriented thinker who, together with my clients, tries to get to the essence of the issues and solve them in a creative way. I attach great importance to the craft of my profession. No verbiage, but in a way that is understandable.

Because of my experience as a company lawyer, I can approach a problem from different angles so that we can oversee all relevant aspects of the case. This leads to a quick and thorough assessment of the starting position and the opportunities of the parties involved.

As a big sports fan, I like spending time on the field. My mentality there is also reflected in my work. I am passionate, but I like fair play. I like winning, but I also think it is important the parties come to an agreement.

Born and raised in Groningen, Jan Pieter Kleefstra completed his law studies in Groningen, including professional education in company law at the Catholic University of Nijmegen and the Grotius specialisation course in real estate law. He worked at various law firms in the Northern Netherlands and as a company lawyer at an accountancy firm. Jan Pieter is a member of the Real Estate Lawyers Association (VVJ) in Utrecht.

Publications of Jan Pieter

Publications of Jan Pieter Kleefstra