mr. H.A.Th. (Henk) Yspeert

"Always look for what's under the surface"

I usually work for housing corporations. The nice thing about this is that you have to think in a strategic way, even outside the legal context. Corporations do not want unnecessary media attention. For example, I can help prevent dissatisfaction in a renovation district. I always try to keep a broad view, and work in a solution-oriented manner.

In the personal injury practice, the trick is to be right if liability is not self-evident. You have to look for the limits of the law. Be creative. And most importantly: put yourself entirely in your client’s shoes. See how and where they live. Keep asking questions. That takes courage. I never just apply the letter of the law. That's just not my thing.

Henk Yspeert (lawyer since 1985) is a personal injury specialist and a member of the LSA (Personal Injury Lawyers).

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Publications of Henk Yspeert